Red Hills
Red Hills


Red Hills Acquisitions is uniquely positioned to achieve investor profits during this time of unprecedented opportunity to purchase real estate backed loans and property. The business plan is straight forward: acquire quality loans and properties at a discount and liquidate for a substantial profit. The key to success is cutting through a complex array of distressed and performing loans for sale, as well as real estate assets to find the right deals, expertly managing the process from acquisition to liquidation, and executing a well formulated exit strategy.

Red Hills Acquisitions has assembled a complete, yet nimble, in-house team of highly experienced financial and real estate specialists. Together they span the entire spectrum from Wall Street to Main Street, and have long standing established relationships with key strategic partners. The result is a streamlined and efficient investor focused team able to move quickly to seize specific opportunities, and execute purchases and liquidations to maximize returns.
Red Hills Acquisitions, LLC
2250 NW Flanders St., Suite G02, Portland, OR 97210
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